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Mini Shortbread Cookies

Written by Assia

Salem Hello

I offer you very nice shortbread in taste and also on the visual side. I prepared them for the 2013 aid  el kebir on my old blog, these cookies did not last long. I even had to make another batch to the delight of my family and my friends. I highly recommend them, you will surely make people happy.

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Korean doughnuts with salted chocolate sauce

Korea’s answer to the doughnut, hotteok are a popular street food served piping hot with a range of fillings.

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Cookies & Cream Poptarts

These pop tarts are surprisingly easy to make, and I’m sure if you served them at a party or event, everyone will be very surprised with you as they look incredible


Triple Chocolate Tart ~ Boozy Whipped Cream

A nutty, crumbly crust is filled with a dark chocolate pudding enriched with bittersweet chocolate, cocoa, and chocolate stout, then topped with a billowy bourbon whipped cream.

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Blackberry Chocolate Victoria Sponge Mini Cakes

These mini chocolate victoria sponge cakes are seriously easy to make. To stop myself from eating them too fast I cut some of the cakes into three rather than two layers, and sandwiched them together with cream, blackcurrant jam and fresh blackberries. The extra elevation of the third layer makes the cakes more of a formality to ingest than a mere two layered mini cake!