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Wilbur Chocolate Co.

Wilbur Chocolate is one of four brands manufactured by Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate North America. Most of the Wilbur brand products were produced in plants chocolate manufacturing company located in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Wilbur Chocolate was founded in Philadelphia in 1865 by Henry Oscar Wilbur and Samuel Croft.[1] Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate NA produces hundreds of millions of pounds of chocolate and confectionery products a year. These ingredients are sold to food and candy manufactures across the Americas.

The company was bought by Cargill in 1992 and is part of that company’s cocoa and chocolate labels, which also includes Peter’s Chocolate bought from Nestlé in 2002 Gerkens Cacao, and Veliche Belgian chocolate.

Cargill closed the Wilbur Chocolate Factory in early 2016. By the summer of 2018 the former factory was being converted into condos.