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Saturday’s Teddybear


Bruce is Just a Little Bear

Bruce is just a little bear who helped whenever I was scared.
Whenever I’de cry, he’d be right there.
And he always had happy feelings to share.
I’de give him my sadness, he’d give me his glad.
And Brucey never made me sad.
One thing though that gives me grief 
is that no one feels what I believe.
Bruce is stuffed, but he’s still alive.

And has lots of happy feelings to share inside.

Author Unknown




National Chocolate Cake Day


Chocolate Cake Day


The big sweet day was yesterday,

It was yummy chocolate cake day.

I ate and ate my chocolate cake,

Ate so much I couldn’t stay awake.


My big teddy bears had joined me too,

They ate even more then I ever could do.

One had growled and licked his chops,

The other yawned and down he dropped.

There is nothing better in life I swear,

Then eating chocolate with a Teddy Bear.


by Eileen & Teddy


Chocolate Baker


The Chocolate Baker is a lady of stature so grand
She bakes the best cookies and cakes over the lands
Other bakers dishes are tasteless and utterly bland
Sensationally goodness are the works from her hands
Miraculous wonders from her oven every day appear
Close to my palate her talents have become very dear
Cakes, brownies, fudge, puddings and chocolate pies
Scrumptious delectable aromas bring tears to my eyes
As Chocolate is a part of my menu almost every day
Living near the bakery would be a wise choice I’d say
So a house I found with a little effort and a little labor
Now the Chocolate Baker, a grand lady is my neighbor
by Eileen “2013”