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Is It Here Yet ?

yellow+flowers=perfection:       Spring

SummerYellow.  When picking your supply stick to one color and everything will work out! Dallatorre:

Flower Pot Cake Recipes

Flower Pot Cakes



Saturday’s Teddybear


Teddy Bear
If I told you, “I think you’re pretty”
Would you love me and never let go
Would you sew my button back on
Please sit down and tell me so

If I told you that I love you
Would you hold me so tight
That stuffing would come out of me
And fluff me up at night

If I told you nothing at all
Would you still gaze upon my face
Throughout darkness and over time
In a lover’s warm embrace

If I told you, “I’ll go a great distance”
Would you follow me without a care
Or, should I stay right beside you
And be your great big teddy bear


 Sent in by Rennie H.

Image: Pinterest